GFW Bound For Glory is right around the corner, and Global Force Wrestling recently released a few videos teasing different locations where the event could possibly be held. The exact location is set to be revealed on Monday, but it’s now been confirmed that Bound For Glory will take place from Canada.

It’s no big secret that GFW Impact doesn’t exactly draw big numbers on Pop TV, and now that football season is back Impact will have to compete with the NFL from time to time. GFW Champion Eli Drake recently spoke to Sports Illustrated about going up against the NFL, and he’s confident that the content will speak for itself.

“I don’t like to use that as an excuse,” offered Drake. “If we’re putting out a compelling product, then we should still have the eyeballs on our product. If you rewind about 20 years, and look at WWE in 1997, they were putting on a great product but nobody knew because WCW made such a loud noise via the NWO. It took WWE another year-and-a-half to make that big comeback, even though they were producing some great stuff with [Steve] Austin and DX.”

“We just had the regime change months ago. There is the stuff we didn’t expect with Jeff [Jarrett] and Anthem, but growing pains are to be expected. I hold a lot of that burden on myself. I am the guy at the forefront of the company, and I want to make sure eyes are on us.”