Injuries have created some major roadblocks for WWE over the last year or so, and no one knows that better than Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

Together as The Bludgeon Brothers they were on top of the SmackDown Live tag team division as the Tag Team Champions, but their run came to an end back in August when they had to drop the titles so that Rowan could undergo surgery.

Rowan is still recovering from his surgery, but recently he’s been training for his return at the WWE Performance Center.

With Rowan out of action, Harper decided to also undergo surgery because he wasn’t being used.

Harper’s recovery was said to be harder than expected, but the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that he’s close to being ready for a return.

This could be good news for the SmackDown tag team division, as more teams in the mix always makes things exciting, and since Harper wasn’t being used without Rowan around that seems to be an indication that WWE plans to keep them together.

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