Even though some wrestlers would like to, no one can stay active forever. Sooner or later everyone has to hang up the boots, and that’s exactly what former WWE Superstar Gene Snitsky is doing.

Snitsky recently took to Instagram that he will only be wrestling at a few more events before he moves on to focus on other things. He also thanked the fans but noted that he doesn’t like the way wrestling is going.

Snitsky posted the following announcement:

“Only gonna do a few more shows!!!!! I’ve decided to move on and focus more on other things like @carianneb1 for instance…. And ofcourse weight training and appearances just no more in ring competition lol….. I’ve been losing the love over the last few yrs and honestly don’t like the way wrestling is going….. Just wanna thank all my fans…. for without you there would never have been a SNITSKY!!!! I truly love my fans and always will…… Thx for taking the time to watch me perform it means the world to me!!!!! #itsnotmyfault #stillnotmyfault #neverwillbemyfault”