If you’ve been a long-time fan of WWE then you probably realize there is always the chance of a Superstar coming back to the company once they’ve been released. Adam Rose was wished the best of luck in his future endeavors last year but you can never say never in pro wrestling. Because even though The Bunny is gone for good (because he sold it), the Exotic Express could be making a comeback.

Since setting off on his own, Adam Rose dropped the “Adam” and started going as “Aldo Rose” but it looks like all of his time working hard away from WWE might have paid off.

Adam Rose recently posted a message on his Instagram which might make him Instafamous once more. Let’s be honest, he will always be Mr. It’s Party Time All The Time for most people and I remember his vignettes fondly as WrestleMania XXX rolled through and the WWE Network was a fresh experience. It seemed like Rose would be something special as well but his character soon stalled on the main roster.

Even after repackaging him to a certain degree to make him a member of the Social Outcasts, it didn’t quite work for him. Although his passion for the business might have been there, a glass ceiling hung above Adam Rose’s head with the gimmick he was given.

Now it looks like Adam Rose might be hinting about a comeback. He recently posted a message on his Instagram saying he had big news ahead and he made things even more interesting by using the WWE, NXT, Wrestling, Adam Rose, and poop hashtags. Okay, four of those hashtags might be newsworthy… the other one could just be gross.

But it would be cool if WWE and Adam Rose could work something out. Even if he was utilized in the WWE Performance Center in some respect his insight on the business would be beneficial to anyone on their way to becoming a WWE Superstar.

Big news coming! Stay tuned… #WWE #wrestling #NXT #adamrose #poop

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