If your favorite Superstar leaves WWE there are plenty of places they could turn up. After all, just because they’re not applying their trade on Raw, SmackDown, or NXT doesn’t mean they’re done for good. Because WWE isn’t the only game in town.

When Simon Gotch and WWE parted ways it opened up a lot of new opportunities for the former member of the Vaudevillains. Now he can enjoy life on the indie circuit and he has more time for his personal life and his fans.

Gotch recently took part in a short social media Q&A session where he discussed various topics. Of course, his answers were rather short but he’s never been known for his mastery of words because he tends to say everything he needs to with his in-ring work.

One fan asked Simon a question regarding one very popular indie promotion: Chikara. They wanted to know if Simon would be participating in their Kings of Trios event to which Simon replied that it would be up to Chikara. He’s obviously keeping his options open for any opportunity.

Fans also asked Simon questions concerning his entertainment preferences as well. In a little bit of an “off the beaten path” kind of question, one fan asked Simon what his favorite cartoon is and Simon had a rather popular reply.

An interesting question came when Simon was asked if he was headed to GFW. He is free to go wherever he wants at this point because his no-compete clause has long expired by now. So it might be very possible fans could see Simon bring his throwback style to GFW.

But Simon’s reply was simply “not today” leaving us to wonder if he has any plans of taking a call from Jeff Jarrett if the opportunity does present itself.