Wrestling is a special form of entertainment, but unfortunately no wrestler can perform forever, because bumps take a toll on the body. One star who knows this all too well is none other than former WWE Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella.

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A few years ago Santino Marella was forced to retire after undergoing surgery on his neck, but the former WWE star decided to come out of retirement over the weekend. Marella wrestled a match against Chavo Guerrero Jr. for Destiny Wrestling, and after the match he got emotional.

Santino Marella gave a speech and said that the match further damaged his already surgically repaired neck. He told the fans that he appreciates the “you still got it chants” but stressed that his neck was hurting and said that he “can’t do this.”

He followed up by saying he got back in the ring because he wanted to wrestle in front of his wife and daughter. During his farewell speech he told the fans that he wanted a chance to go out on his own terms and noted “this is probably it, this is really probably it” for his career inside the ring.

You can check out the full farewell speech in the video below.