It seems that when it comes to the life of a professional wrestler, retiring is the hardest thing for them to do. Many of them have tried, but eventually the bug bites them and they get the urge to return to the ring.

Now it looks like former WWE Superstar Rosa Mendes is ready for her in-ring return because she’s been busy training as of late.

Rosa Mendes hasn’t been active in the ring in a while, but Maryland Championship Wrestling recently confirmed that she’s been hitting the comeback trail at the MCW Training Center.

MCW posted the following:

Mendes also noted that she’s sore, but the pain is worth it.

At this point in time, Rosa hasn’t announced when she’ll be wrestling her next match, but knocking the ring rust off appears to be the first step toward an in-ring return.

Rosa Mendes competed in the Diva Search in 2006, and went on to work with WWE until she became pregnant and gave birth in 2016. She later announced her retirement in 2017.