zelina vega

The last few years have been interesting for Zelina Vega to say the least. Vega was released from her WWE contract in 2020, but the company brought her back earlier this year.

Since returning to WWE Zelina Vega has struggled to make her way to the top of the women’s division, and she was on a losing streak before she picked up a win over Liv Morgan last week on SmackDown.

Former WWE star Dutch Mantell spoke to Sportskeeda about Zelina Vega’s status, and he believes that Vega is being punished for things that happened in the past.

“They’ve beaten that poor girl so many times. They should give her the Most Valuable Player award tonight. Well, she doesn’t quit, and they kicked the crap out of that girl. But when she kicks, she kicks. I don’t see her pulling anything back or trying to lessen the blows or anything. Anyways, I kind of like her, and I think they are punishing her for what she left last time. You know the old saying in wrestling, If they’re somewhere else, you can’t screw’em but if they’re right there, you can screw’em. That’s a direct quote from Vince McMahon.”

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