bullet club

You just never know what The Bullet Club might do next. They recently recruited their first Australian member, and “Arrow” star Stephen Amell even teamed up with the group for a match at a recent ROH event in San Antonio.

The Bullet Club isn’t a group that’s oversaturated with members, but they do add fresh faces every once in a while.

The WWE roster has been getting smaller as of late, because the company recently released James Ellsworth, Emma, Darren Young and Summer Rae. Now one of the released stars has fans talking about about one of their latest tweets.

After she was released, Summer Rae took to social media to say that she’s not giving up on herself, and she caused quite the commotion on Twitter when she simply tweeted the #BulletClub hashtag.

The former WWE Superstar even got a response from The Young Bucks, and Sasha Banks.

Of course Summer could just be a big fan of The Bullet Club, but due to her tweet fans immediately started talking about the possibility of her joining the group, and the idea was met with a mixed reaction.

As of right now Summer Rae has yet to make any announcements regarding her future in the wrestling business, but whether she ends up joining the group or not, it certainly looks like she has her eyes on The Bullet Club.