The Mae Young Classic is finally set in stone and some of the names announced for the tournament are rather exciting. This tournament was a long time coming and much like the first-ever Women’s Money In Bank ladder match it took an evolution in WWE.

The Women’s Revolution might not be a new thing but there is still plenty of ground to cover. In time we might be seeing a women’s match main event a big four PPV, or even have an entire split-brand PPV dedicated to the women of WWE. But for now the Mae Young Classic tournament will have to be enough.

Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting a former WWE wrestler might be coming back for the Mae Young Classic too. Serena Deeb is a six-time OVW Women’s Champion and worked in WWE for a short time where she was best-known as a member of CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society. She looked pretty good with a shaved head, and she looks great with hair too.

Word is Serena has been discussing coming out of retirement from pro wrestling to participate in the Mae Young Classic. It’s not quite a done deal yet, but she’s reportedly been seriously considering the idea.

Serena only wrestled once on WWE’s main roster during her short run with the Straight Edge Society. The fact is the Straight Edge Society was a great stable and they could still be around today if not for shortsighted booking.

It is reported WWE wants to use Serena in a Brian Kendrick-type role in the Mae Young Classic meaning she is looking for redemption and prove she can still run with the best of them. Kendrick had a similar angle when he competed in the Cruiserweight Classic and it looks like WWE might want to recreate that magic with Serena.

Who knows if this could open the door for Serena Deeb to come back to WWE on a more permanent basis? She returned to Shimmer after her WWE release but retired from pro wrestling in 2014 in order to peruse a career in yoga.