After Triple H took over WWE creative last year a number of former Superstars were brought back to the company including Eric Young. It was reported late last year that Young signed a new deal with WWE, but he never ended up returning to TV.

Last weekend talk of Eric Young possibly returning to Impact Wrestling started making the rounds, and he made a surprise appearance at the Slammiversary pay-per-view. It was later reported by Fightful that Eric Young requested his release from WWE back in April because he didn’t want to work with Vince McMahon.

Eric Young recently spoke to PWInsider about why he decided to leave WWE and return to his former home at Impact Wrestling. According to Eric Young if he had stayed with WWE he would have had to answer to someone he’s not willing to answer to, so he decided it was time to go.

“I signed up for one thing and it turned into something completely different. Personally, professionally, and more importantly for me, morally, I just couldn’t work there anymore. If you’re a wrestling fan and you know what’s going on, it was not a super difficult choice for me, to be honest. It was a dream come true, going back, the contract was fantastic and all this other stuff, and what I was poised to do on the TV show was excellent, but in the end, I would have had to answer to somebody that I’m just not willing to do. That’s where we ended up now. I’m not mad or bitter about it, just like I wasn’t last time. Obviously, it’s a massive mistake on one person’s part, but a huge gain for IMPACT Wrestling. I’m still very good at this and it’s something I’m very passionate about and something that I work myself to the bone to make the best possible outcome of each thing I’m in.”