Jinder Mahal has been featured in big segments on Raw two weeks in a row now and he will continue his streak next week when he challenges Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Recently AEW President Tony Khan got into an interesting exchange with the USA Network X account and he pointed out that Jinder is getting a title shot even though he hasn’t won a match in a year.

Tony Khan’s comments quickly went viral on social media with several people in the wrestling community coming to Jinder Mahal’s defense. Now Jonathan Coachman has entered the conversation. Coachman directly responded to Tony Khan while noting that he thinks wrestling is about the story, not counting wins, and he thought a boss would understand that.

“We also used to get amused at fans who counted wins like wrestlers “earned” them. Hell if Vince wanted I could have been world champion. But the storyline didn’t support it. It’s about the story clearly not wins in a predetermined space. Thought a boss would understand that. ‍♂️”

Jonathan Coachmen then doubled down and recalled what Vince McMahon taught him when he posted the following:

“Perfect tweet. Vince always taught us the audience dictates the matches and who wins. We always had babyfaces win the main event at house shows. Once I became a heel I would ring announce. Allows different endings and sometimes heels would win and the babyfaces would beat me up and everyone goes home happy. The audience determines everything in the wrestling business. Wins and losses are in material.”

One way or another Jinder Mahal is getting more attention than he’s received in a long time and that’s certainly not a bad thing heading into his big title match on Monday.