Back in 2019 at Super ShowDown WWE gave fans a dream match in the main event slot when The Undertaker faced off against Goldberg. Unfortunately the match didn’t turn out to be the dream match some fans had hoped for and it became infamous for all the wrong reasons.

While talking about the backstage reaction to the match on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast Matt noted that everyone hoped the match would go well, but there was some concern amongst the talent that it would turn out the way it did.

“I remember watching it beside Randy Orton, it was a locker room sell-out. I just remember that deal where Taker came down on his head, the looks in between people, [they] were pretty shocked by it. […] So yeah, [in] 99, it would have been a huge match, whatever. But, I think a lot of the talent were worried the match was going to be what it ended up being as opposed to like being able to kind of get through something that was solid but quick and impactful. And unfortunately, I think there were a lot of people that thought it might end up being like it was ended up being that way.”

“I don’t think people were anticipating a disaster. I think everyone hoped they would go out and they would put in five good smart, well worked quality minutes of entertainment. So I think people knew it had the potential to not be great. So I think that’s why so many people were like watching. It happened to be in the locker room where we were all changing and getting ready, so it was on a monitor there. But I remember as the match went on and the deeper it got over those next few minutes everybody was watching it.”

H/T Inside The Ropes