Kane had one of the most iconic debuts in WWE history when ripped the door off the Hell in a Cell and confronted The Undertaker, and he’s come a long way since then. Fans have seen the Brothers of Destruction dominate the WWE roster, and it seems that at one point there was an idea on the table for WWE to introduce another brother for the Big Red Machine.

Former WWE Superstar Matt Morgan recently revealed on the Wrestling Inc podcast that while he was in OVW he was being groomed to become Kane’s brother who would have been named Abel.

“The cool part was they were going to turn this into, I was gonna be Kane’s brother Abel,” Morgan said. “And I would’ve killed for that! I would’ve worn a hood gladly for that just because I’m a huge ‘Taker and Kane fan. What leads to Kane leads to ‘Taker, right? Nine-year-old Matt Morgan inside was going bananas.”

Obviously that didn’t end up happening, so what went wrong? According to Matt Morgan, it was Vince McMahon who decided not to move forward with the storyline.

“Vince (McMahon) stepped in and came up with stuttering Matt Morgan,” he said.

This is unfortunate for Morgan, as the stuttering gimmick didn’t do him any favors at all.

At this point it’s hard to imagine Kane having another brother besides The Undertaker, but it’s interesting to think about how WWE history very well could have been changed if Vince McMahon had decided to go through with the idea.