john cena

Over the years many wrestlers have called out John Cena, and now former WWE Superstar Alex Riley has called out the 16 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Riley recently took to Instagram to taunt Cena when he posted a picture with the following caption:

“SEE ME COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #RICFLAIRDR.I.P. @johncena U CAN SEE #Revelation 6:9 @krisjamesedwardkiley”

Riley then posted another photo with a caption saying that he’s coming for everything John Cena has and holds dear.

“EYE AM NOT COMING BACK @johncena EYE AM COMING FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE AND HOLD DEAR 2 U SEE ME NOW!!!! #RicFlairdR.I.P. #Revelation 6:9 @krisjamesedwardkiley”

Over the years there have been rumors about John Cena and Alex Riley having backstage heat.

Riley signed a developmental deal in 2007, and he eventually made his way to the main roster before becoming a color commentator. He pushed to become an in-ring competitor once again and returned to action in NXT before he was released from his contract in 2016.

Last year during an episode of The Ross Report, Riley claimed that an incident with John Cena changed the path of his career.

The former WWE Superstar hasn’t shared details regarding what happened between him and Cena, but he has declared that the story will be told someday.