Last week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw was one of the most anticipated episodes in quite some time, as the show celebrated its 25th anniversary.

There were quite a few big names in the house for the event such as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Undertaker, DX, Trish Stratus and more. But there were also quite a few big names that weren’t able to attend the event for various reasons.

Rob Van Dam is one of the stars who wasn’t in attendance, and he recently confirmed to Sports Illustrated ahead of the event that he’s had no contact with WWE.

“I will not be at Raw,” said Van Dam. “I haven’t talked to anybody from WWE about it, so I wouldn’t expect to see me there.”

It was revealed a few months ago that Van Dam suffered a concussion during a match with Penta in 2016 that has prevented him from returning to the ring in WWE, but it’s a shame that he didn’t get the chance to make an appearance on Raw.

However, it doesn’t appear that Rob Van Dam is done wrestling altogether, as he recently challenged Penta to another match, and the former WWE Superstar seems quite content at this stage of his career.

“I am really thankful for my career,” said Van Dam. “It doesn’t interest me to be on the road 300 days a year any more, so I’m sticking to my guns and the universe seems to take care of me. PCW is better competition than I could find by flying six or 16 hours away. I am finding what I need to make my spirit happy, surrounding my universe with people and things I love.”