david arquette

Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette recently made a big announcement when he confirmed that he’s been training for a pro wrestling comeback, and on Thursday night he returned to the ring.

Arquette interfered in a match at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood’s Peter & Ray’s Surprise Birthday Party Spectacular event.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Arquette was urged to interfere when Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas encouraged him to get in the ring and then he hit The Rockness Monsters with Stinger Splashes in the corner.

Yuma and Kevin Martenson then dragged Arquette back in the ring and he hit them with a double stunner.

Arquette recently said that he’s looking for fans to put a little respect on his name after dealing with people trolling him about his WCW World Title win for 18 years.

A documentary about David Arquette’s return to the ring is reportedly in the works.

Footage from Arquette’s return to the ring can be seen below.