Kenny Omega has been one of the most talked about wrestling stars over the last few years, and many fans have praised his work in New Japan on social media and beyond.

However, the wrestling community has been critical of how Kenny Omega has been booked in AEW, with the main complaint being that he’s not booked a like a main eventer.

Konnan addressed Omega’s status on a recently episode of his Keepin It 100 podcast, and he said that he thinks Omega has failed on American television.

“While Omega got majorly over in Mexico and Japan, he has failed on American television because his promos aren’t on the level of other top guys. Also, he has not been pushed as a star, but just another guy who can work. There are 18 other guys who know how to work, Omega doesn’t stand out in any way.”

Disco Infero also weighed in and noted that he doesn’t think Kenny Omega understands the psychology of wrestling on American TV.

“Omega doesn’t cut a good promo. This is why it has become difficult for him to elevate himself to the level of Jericho and Moxley because his mic skills are not close to those guys. Also, he doesn’t understand the psychology of what you have to do in the ring and mic on American TV.”

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H/T Wrestling Inc.