Some people might remember Serena Deeb as the bald-headed female in the Straight Edge Society but she is so much more. After her run with WWE came to a close she didn’t stop there at all and set out to continue her story in pro wrestling.

As it turned out, Deeb’s road led back to WWE as she was a part of the Mae Young Classic. Her story of possible redemption and second chances didn’t translate into a win but it certainly make for compelling storytelling. But in the end, it did land Deeb another job with WWE.

“I will be a coach for the female talent, and obviously, alongside Sara Amato for the first little bit and helping to groom the next generation,” Deeb said in an interview with WWE where she discussed her new role at the WWE Performance Center.

She also opened up about how this amazing job was offered to her in the first place and it turns out it can all be traced back to her impressive performance in the Mae Young Classic.

“The offer presented itself initially almost a year ago. It was pre-Mae Young Classic. I knew of the tournament and was aware of it, and then I was contacted by the company to see if I had any interest in being one of the talent in the tournament, but it was also coupled with the idea of potentially coming in as a coach following the tournament. The tournament was the first stop on the tracks, and following that, I came back in a week in the fall for an official coaching tryout, and following that, it was pretty quickly offered.”

The job is her’s now and Deeb went into some detail about what kind of hiring process an incoming coach needs to go through to be a part of the WWE Performance Center. As it turns out, the process might be as grueling for the coach as it is for the hungry students at the WWE Performance Center.

“It was really interesting! I was there for a week. A lot of it was shadowing the other coaches and seeing how everybody does it differently because everybody has their different flavors. Running classes, running drills and talking to each person. I did a lot of one-on-one, watching tape review and watching people’s matches back and offering feedback. It also entailed going to the Live Events and producing matches, giving feedback there as well, just kind of getting a feel for the whole system again because it’s been a while since I’ve been under these roofs.”