x division

The X-Division was the focus of this week’s live episode of Impact Wrestling, and a few former stars returned. Earlier in the night Karen Jarrett made her way to the ring to announce that Global Force Wrestling has merged with Impact Wrestling. So yeah, that’s a thing.

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X-Division pioneer Sonjay Dutt then interrupted and announced that he’s back. Karen Jarrett declared that this week’s episode would be a night of champions. Sonjay suggested that since Impact Wrestling was built on the X-Division, that the X-Division Championship match should main event the show, and he should be added to the match.

The champion Trevor Lee then made his way to the ring with Shane Helms, and Helms said that he runs the division now.

Bruce Prichard then made his way down to say that Helms doesn’t run a damn thing, and since Impact Wrestling has a six sided ring, the title match would include six competitors.

Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and Sonjay Dutt then brawled to end the segment. Suicide, Dezmond Xavier and Low-Ki were later added to the match.

Low-Ki made his return and he came out sporting his Hitman attire.

In the end it was Low-Ki who won the match and the X-Division Championship. Low-Ki hit the double stomp and pinned Trevor Lee to win the title.