Over the last few weeks the WWE main roster has gone through some changes thanks to the 2023 WWE Draft, and several NXT stars were called up. Former NXT Tag Team Champions pretty deadly joined the Friday Night SmackDown brand, but it looks like at least one former WWE star is not sold on the team.

Dutch Mantell shared his opinion on Pretty Deadly during ring a recent episode of Story Time With Dutch Mantell, and he made it clear that he’s not a fan of the team so far.

“My jury is out on this team. What is it? Pretty Deadly? My jury is out on those guys because I think they could be too cute for their own good. Did they get over in NXT?

One of them was a male model in a women’s magazine, they said? So he is the mascot for a dating app? That made me quit dating! If I was dating, I’d quit. My Jury is out on Pretty Deadly. They might be pretty unemployed before long.”

Dutch went on to say that he thinks Pretty Deadly’s SmackDown debut against The Brawling Brutes lacked something when he added, “This match lacked something. I think the people, the fans, they want to dislike this team. They want to get with it. But, like I said, they are a little too cute for their good right now. I mean, they are not really big guys; they are kind of tall, aren’t they? They don’t have the big bodies and all that. They really don’t look like wrestlers, to tell you the truth.”

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H/T Sportskeeda