The NXT roster got a little bit smaller this week after WWE agreed to release HoHo Lun from his contract. Lun joined WWE in 2016, his run with the company is now over due to unfortunate circumstances.

The former NXT star requested to be released, and according to WWE.com he requested the release two weeks ago. Lun did an interview with WWE explaining that he’s returning home to take care of his sick mother.

“I went to Hong Kong for vacation about three weeks ago and that’s when I realized that my mother is sick. That’s why I decided to tell Matt Bloom, the head coach of the PC, that I wanted to request my release.”

HoHo Lun said that he’s disappointed because he wanted to wrestle at the WWE event in Shenzhen, China in September. He also thanked the fans for supporting him, and he left the door open for a possible WWE return in the future.

“I want to thank the WWE fans for supporting me over the last 13 months. I hope that they can keep following me with my next journey, because I will be making history by helping the scene in Asia. And maybe one day, I can come back to WWE again and perform as a WWE Superstar.”

Best of luck to HoHo Lun.