Baron corbin

It’s been months since Baron Corbin was removed from the Raw General Manager role, but nevertheless Corbin is still wrestling in formal wear.

Corbin’s outfit is something that wrestling fans talk about constantly, and former Impact Wrestling personality SoCal Val compared Corbin’s outfit to something a busboy would wear when she posted the following:

“Ok. Towards end of PPV now and @BaronCorbinWWE has just come our STILL committed to wearing the #TGIFridays busboy formal wear. TO WRESTLE IN. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Annnnnnd I’m out. 👋🏼😳Otherwise great PPV! #extremerules
@wwe @wweuk #wwe”

Corbin then responded by asking, “You still mad I shot you down?”

SoCal Val responded by saying she’s never met Baron Corbin, but she did encourage him to get new gear.

“I’m not sure what that even means. I’ve never actually met you. But! I’ve grown increasingly worried about your fashion sense on television.

In short, please buy wrestling gear. 😘”