impact wrestling

Sometimes wrestlers get to a point where they have to consider hanging up their boots, and that’s the point that former Impact Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne was at one year ago.

The Mae Young Classic Competitor recently spoke to The Mirror about the path her career has taken in 2018, and she revealed that at one point she was trying to decide if it was time for her to change careers.

“It was roughly a year ago that I sat down on my couch in my living room with my husband and had a really tough conversation, where we tried to discuss if maybe my career was coming to a close and what that was going to look like, or if I was going to take any frustrations I had and any bit of second-guessing myself that I was doing and I was going to flip that on its head, make it a positive, totally change who I was and make a drastic turn in my career path. I think in moments like that, where you’re questioning what’s next, is where you really dig deep to find yourself and figure out what you want and what you’re still able to provide to the business.”

Rayne has worked with WWE, Impact and Ring of Honor this year, and it was recently announced that she signed a contract with ROH.

According to her, she decided to step up her game after deciding not to retire, and it looks like her efforts have paid off.

“I am so glad that I was able to do that, that I got to that point mentally where I thought for a second that maybe I was to look towards retirement, because I very quickly realised that I wanted to do the complete opposite. I think that’s been probably the most contributing factor in my insanely successful 2018, because then I made that decision to change myself and elevate my game, that’s when opportunities started coming left and right.”