It’s WrestleMania weekend so fans currently have plenty to talk about. It wasn’t all that long ago that the professional wrestling world was constantly talking about Ronda Rousey, but the former Raw Women’s Champion is not part of the card this year.

Wrestling Inc. notes that Ronda Rousey’s original WWE contract was set to expire today. At this point in time it’s not known if Rousey has signed a new deal with the company.

However, it seems that we haven’t seen the last of Rousey in WWE as WWE President Nick Khan recently noted that Rousey will be “coming back at a certain point in time.”

Dave Meltzer also noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that it’s possible WWE froze her contract when Rousey asked to take time off.

One way or another it’s being reported that the impression is Rousey will be coming back for WrestleMania in Los Angeles, which was originally supposed to happen this year, but was pushed back to 2022.