Mass releases became quite common in WWE over the last few years, and back in 2020 the company decided to cut former Intercontinental Champion Zack Ryder. Since then the former WWE star has been working on the independent circuit under his real name Matt Cardona, and he’s achieved great success on his own.

The subject of a possible WWE return often comes up when Cardona does interviews, but he has certain conditions that would need to be met. During a recent interview with Barstool Rasslin’, Cardona noted that in order for him to return the creative would have to be right, and Steph De Lander would have to return with him.

“[When are you redebuting with WWE?] The two Cs have to be right. The cash and creative. [Is there an amount of cash that can make the creative not matter as much?] Not for me. Not for me. And she [De Lander] needs to come along.”

Steph De Lander previously worked for WWE under the name Persia Pirotta, but she was released from the company in April of 2022. Since then she’s gone on to make appearances in Impact Wrestling and AEW.

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H/T Sportskeeda