Things can change quickly in the world of professional wrestling and last year Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out of Monday Night Raw when they were the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Sasha Banks has since resurfaced as Mercedes Mone, but since then there have been a lot of questions regarding Naomi’s status with WWE.

Recently Naomi took to social media to post about an upcoming appearance at WrestleCon which has her listed under her real name Trinity Fatu. A fan asked her if she’s still with WWE and the former SmackDown Women’s Champion indicated that she’s done with the company when she posted a response which said, “no frien’”

WWE has yet to make any sort of official announcement regarding her departure as Naomi is still listed as a member of the SmackDown roster on WWE.com.

There’s currently no word on whether or not Naomi has plans to return to the ring or which company she could potentially work for. Naomi’s former tag team partner Ariane Andrew recently claimed that Naomi is recovering from shoulder surgery, so it will be interesting to see what happens moving forward as she hasn’t competed in the ring since last year. Stay tuned for updates.