AEW Double or or Nothing is without a doubt one of AEW’s biggest shows of the year and the 2024 edition of the event kicked off in a big way as Roderick Strong defended the International Championship against Will Ospreay. In the end Will Ospreay defeated Roderick Strong to win the title, and after the match Adam Cole made his way down to the ring.

Cole pulled out a devil mask then started cutting a promo as the lights went out. A video started playing which showed a first person view of someone walking through a house. The person looked at items associated with MJF then picked up a photo of MJF and Adam Cole which had been ripped in half.

After the video aired MJF made his way down to the ring. He hugged Adam Cole then hit him with a low blow. MJF said that he’s going back to the old MJF while indicating that he won’t be on board for any more friendships following the situation with Adam Cole.

MJF then stomped on the mask, hit a Ric Flair style strut, grabbed the mask then threw it into the crowd. He addressed his contract status and said that when it comes to him in AEW you can call him the Wolf of Wrestling, because he’s “not f*****g leaving!”