The TBS Women’s Championship Tournament kicked off back in November, and when the tournament kicked off there were 12 competitors. After months of eliminations the tournament came down to two, and on Wednesday night Jade Cargill and Ruby Soho faced off in the first ever TBS Championship match on Dynamite.

During the match Ruby Soho was on the outside of the ring when Mercedes Martinez made her way down. Thunder Rosa then come out to fight off Martinez, and they battled up the ramp. Throughout the match Ruby Soho sold a shoulder injury as Jade Cargill focused on it.

Jade Cargill’s manager Mark Sterling was distracting the referee near the end of the match, and the ref decided to send him to the back.

The finish came when Jade Cargill hit Ruby Soho with Jaded from the second rope and pinned Ruby Soho to become the first ever TBS Champion.