For years now NXT has been thought of as Triple H’s baby, but over the last few months the brand has been going through a major overhaul. The brand was relaunched as NXT 2.0 back in September, and WWE has released some familiar faces who were working on TV and behind the scenes.

Earlier today the company released a number of people from NXT including some key figures such as William Regal and Road Dogg, and the wrestling world was shocked by the departures.

Fightful Select is now reporting that people familiar with the Performance Center and NXT has unanimously said that the releases were meant to directly remove a numerous Triple H hires. The only non-Triple H hire that got fired in the recent wave of releases was Allison Danger.

Road Dogg was seen as a Triple H guy, and his release along with the release of William Regal is part of WWE continuing to move on from what NXT used to be. Stay tuned for updates.