finn balor

Finn Balor has been a hot topic as of late after he fell victim to some questionable booking the night after the TLC pay-per-view last month. Balor later joined Team Raw for the Survivor Series main event, but he didn’t have much of an impact on the match.

There are currently conflicting reports going around in regards to Finn Balor’s status for the Royal Rumble, with some saying that Vince McMahon nixed an idea for Balor to challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title at the event, with others saying that Balor was never penciled in for the title match.

Either way, the one thing that seems to remain consistent among Finn Balor related reports is that Vince McMahon doesn’t have any plans to push Finn because he feels he’s not over enough.

Regardless, Vince McMahon’s opinion doesn’t seem to be hurting Finn Balor’s good spirit, as he recently posted a tweet poking fun at the reports, and on Thanksgiving he cracked another joke about not being over.

Hopefully Balor’s luck will turn around heading into WrestleMania season, as he does seem to have his fair share of fans out there, and he proved in NXT that he can bring great feuds to life when he works with the right opponents.

Until then we’ll just have to sit back and admire Finn’s impressive Thanksgiving turkey.


        • It’s possible, idk. Just the screengrabs were old (did someone say June) so I’m not so sure they reveal a lot other then who someone had a vendetta against by being targetted in them. It’s hard to figure out what the idiot has been thinking, as I said killing H was pretty odd to me unless they were also a target of their anger, they just seem to be quite an opportunistic idiot who has figured out a successful way to steal some accounts.

          Maybe a former mod fed them that stuff and something else which triggered them to go on the warpath. I don’t have the history though to guess who/why that would have been though and it feels unlikely.

          • I guess I mean figured (found) that way to steal accounts recently, I don’t think the old access they had was neccessarily or even likely done the same way.

          • In the screenshots I posted there’s one comment saying “I sent the message” and then under they link them to an e-mail. That’s what started me on the inside job theory. Why link to an e-mail if you already sent the message to them(their disqus e-mail)? Not to mention during the hack telling them they’d be unbanned if they just stopped what they were doing and explained themselves. Very lenient. Too lenient. I also remember seeing them they say they “understood” the person’s animosity towards being unfairly banned or whatever but were going about it the wrong way. I don’t know. But yes offing H was strange. Maybe trying to target the most popular. I did pick up on the fact that the top three commenters all got their accounts hacked, but only two of the three accounts were deleted. Why not take out the account that’s sitting at uno? Something just doesn’t add up.

            Could you explain the process of getting into an account without needing the exact e-mail for that account?

          • If they had mod access (or a mod fed them to them) they could have gathered up all the disqus emails they wanted. That would have given them a place to send things but of course people might not read that email. Would the person who lost the account have thought the person talking to them had their email already? idk

            When they got another email they could send things to that and know they would be seen, expected and more likely opened/clicked on anyway. So I’m suggesting some form of prior mod access got them the email needed to log in with.

            I only saw the idiot saying they would relent if they were unbanned but I didn’t pay all that much attention so if there was an impression of leniency … shrug

            Of course lies, damn lies and deception are quite the order of the day so I wouldn’t discount any threories! Just saying the fact they got a different email address doesn’t mean much other than they got a good route to someone’s eyeballs.

          • Okay, that makes sense them having prior access and gathering up e-mails before doing the screenshots to prove they got in. The one who got their account commandeered did promise an unbanning for the idiot. I wasn’t thinking in that moment to take a screencap of that comment, but it’s probably still there.

            I’ll keep my eyes peeled for anything I find strange. I’m sure that wasn’t the end of the saga.

          • That unbanning promise (yeah I might have seen it actually) could easily just have been a lie hoping they were gullible enough to believe it and give back control. Maybe they do have such idiotic dreams and that is why they didn’t delete that account.

            And my guess was harvesting the screenshots (and emails) was while they had access but not taken over a mod’s account so they could act without being seen, once they did anything major they were likely to lose it (though there were some “how did I get banned” and similar little things which might have been them).

            Occam’s razor, but I wouldn’t faint at anything. I’d wondered if they are related to the other idiot who has reappeared, but from everything I can tell that idiot wouldn’t have the technical ability to do anything unless 100% spoonfed, they were chasing the uber troll before to try and just get VPN advice to be a better ban evader!

            I’m going to go back and rewrite my posts here into something benign enough about Finn.

            Bottom line people should be highly suspicious about emails! And somebody is really pathetic.