The Fashion Files segments have followed Tyler Breeze and Fandango while they were hot on the trail searching for the Uggos who trashed their detective office, murdered their stick horsey Tully and keeps writing on things with glow in the dark paint. That’s an odd description of the show because The Fashion Files have resulted in so much more.

It was also odd that Breezango’s Pulp Fiction-inspired episode of The Fashion Files didn’t air on SmackDown Live like they had promoted. But what we did get was Tyler Breeze and Fandango actually participating in a match.

Fans also got a rather interesting promo package which appeared to debut the new look for Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. These two were sporting nifty new jackets and carried huge hammers. Who gave those two guys giant Thor hammers? Seriously, who thought that was a safe idea?

Regardless, Harper and Rowan are no longer sporting the same Wyatt Family mystique and instead speak very directly about pain and domination. They are also going by a new name: The Bludgeon Brothers.

You might have chuckled upon first hearing the name of this new team but some fans immediately put 2 and 2 together. Or should I say they put 2B and 2B together?

A past episode The Fashion Files featured Breezango revealing “2B” written on the walls of their office with glow in the dark paint. It was also written on some boxes and maybe, even more, places knowing them.

It was obvious to some fans the “2B” stands for Bludgeon Brothers. After all, Harper and Rowan have long been rumored to be Breezango’s mystery attackers for months now.

It will all be revealed in time (maybe). But at this point, it certainly looks like some fans have a pretty good idea who’s standing at the end of The Fashion Police’s trail as they follow the clues to a couple of big scary guys carrying massive hammers.


  1. Bludgeon Brothers might have better luck if they’re revealed to be Norse demigods… minimal godlike powers but not stopping them from over-bragging on their heritage 😉 In any event, nice to see them back on TV!