corey graves

Corey Graves has been catching a lot of flack from fans on social media as of late. Fans have been ripping on his new hairdo, and he also found himself on the receiving end of some backlash after he recently misquoted The Joker during the Fastlane pay-per-view.

When you’re active on social media and you work for WWE, hate from the fans seems to come with the territory, but Graves has been carrying on with business as usual.

Graves recently took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the new horror movie “Veronica” on Netflix and he recommended it to fans of the genre.

That’s when a fan responded to his comment with the following:

“The most terrifying thing I’ve ever watched is the 5 hours of televised programming that you deficate all over every week. Your in-ring performance was somehow better than your commentary, and we all know how that went.”

Corey Graves decided to give the fan the attention they were looking for, but he did ask the fan to send him a card on Father’s Day in return.

Corey Graves has been on his game with the comebacks recently, so if you’re looking to get roasted by a WWE commentator your chances of making that happen are higher than ever at the moment.