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Simon Gotch’s 90 day no compete clause recently expired, and now he’s getting back to work and he’s hitting the independent scene as Simon Grimm. The former NXT Tag Team Champion was nice enough to chat with us on the most recent episode of Still Real Radio, and he shared some interesting stories from his WWE run.

When asked about ideas he had pitched to creative, Simon Gotch brought up an interesting idea he had for a NXT Tag Team Title run that could have potentially generated some good heel heat for The Vaudevillains.

“One idea I pitched in NXT that I really thought would have been good — this is while Blake and Murphy had the titles, and this is before we were in the feud with them. I just thought this would be an interesting way to do it because they wanted us to be heels, so I was like, this would be a good way to get us over as heels. And at the same time it would give a little bit of an injection of energy into the tag division, which at the time was literally us, Blake and Murphy, and then Enzo and Cass.”

“The idea was going to be, Blake and Murphy go out there with the tag titles, and their opponents don’t come to the ring. They’re declared the winners because their opponents never showed up. And this was going to go on for a couple weeks, and then it was going to get to a point where they’re starting to get curious why, they’re getting questioned why their opponents don’t show up, they don’t know. Eventually it’s going to lead to them in the ring, waiting for their opponents and we come dragging the bodies out and basically tell them they’re not going to be able to wrestle anyone until they wrestle us. We’re gonna make sure that every single team that goes to wrestle them is going to get hurt before they get to the ring.”

After weeks of buildup and an eventual NXT Tag Team Title win, the idea was for Simon Gotch and Aiden English to defend the title belts in every single one of their matches in order to paint a target on their backs.

“The whole idea of this is going to be be that eventually when we take the belts from them, Regal was going to come out as commissioner, his whole idea was going to be — well since you guys decided, you know, you have a whole division that’s very mad at you for what you’re doing, so here’s what we’re going to do. The titles are now on the line in 100 percent of your matches. Not only that, if you’re disqualified, or there’s a count out etc. the titles will change hands. What this was going to do was basically put us in a situation where as heels there’s a whole division that’s coming after us. Any two guys who they put together have a shot at taking the belts from us legitimately, because it could be through disqualification, count out or anything like that. Eventually when we drop the titles it’s then a bigger deal because you’ve built us up as these dastardly heels who have been running away essentially and are kind of backed into a corner trying to survive.”

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