erick rowan

Because of Randy Orton’s treachery and last week’s “Superstar Shakeup,” The Wyatt Family has been disbanded. Bray Wyatt has been moved to Raw. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are stuck in SmackDown’s midcard. However, WWE officials are trying to bring them out of it.

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Luke Harper has more than demonstrated that it’s just a matter of time before his star rises to the top of SmackDown Live. However, Erick Rowan has just returned from an injury, but he has taken on Randy Orton one on one. Apparently, there are big changes coming for Rowan.

It’s being reported by IWNerd that Rowan has been working a new gimmick during recent WWE live events. He’s trying out some kind of ‘clown’ character with balloons. You can see his appearance below along with a description of his character from the Wrestling Observer.

“Rowan’s entrance had him come out with a clown variation on the sheep mask. He also had balloons, which he gave to a kid and proceeded to pop them immediately. During the match, he pulled a balloon out and blew it up and shot it at Harper. They had a back and forth match with Harper getting the win with a discus clothesline”

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