In the video above, Eric Bischoff talks with Bill Apter of to promote the Monday Night War debate with Bruce Prichard that took place earlier today in Philadelphia. Below are a few highlights:

* Bischoff is a partner in the Buffalo Bill Cody beer brand with his wife and Jason Hervey. They’re distributing it in several states now and expanding.

* Bischoff said looking back now, he is more appreciative of and grateful for the Monday Night Wars era. Bischoff said he wishes he knew then what he knows now.

* When Bischoff did his infamous hug with Vince McMahon on RAW, Bischoff said he told Vince, “Vince, that feeling you feel in your feet right now… that’s a lot of people turning over in their grave.”

* Bischoff-Hervey is currently working on a show called Outlaw Country that will begin airing on WGN on February 24th. Bischoff said Sons of Anarchy fans will be interested in the show, it’s very credible and it’s never been done before.

* He talked about Chris Jericho hosting the debate with Prichard and mentioned that the two just had a drink together in Los Angeles.

* Regarding Randy Savage going into the WWE Hall of Fame, Bischoff said he’s very happy for Savage, the family and the fans. Bischoff said the Hall of Fame is his favorite part of WrestleMania weekend and he believes it’s cooler than the actual pay-per-view. Bischoff agreed with Apter on Hulk Hogan inducting Savage and said they had a love-hate relationship, despite people claiming they didn’t like each other. Bischoff said Savage is probably smiling right now and if this could be written by Savage himself, he would probably want it to be done this way with Hogan inducting him.