the bullet club

Eric Bischoff was a big player during the Monday Night Wars, and he managed to bring WCW into the mainstream. One of the biggest factors in regards to WCW’s success was the creation of the NWO, and the group left behind quite the legacy.

The NWO influenced many of today’s top stars, including the members of The Bullet Club. Bischoff recently spoke to the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast about The Bullet Club, and he noted that he feels the group is more of an homage than a rip-off.

“I don’t look at it as a rip-off honestly. I think it has roots in the nWo and I don’t think that can be denied and I don’t think they are trying to deny it but I think it is more than an homage and I think it is more an extension but certainly its roots creatively speaking are in the nWo. But rip-off to me is something negative and disparaging and I think the Bullet Club is cool.”

The Bullet Club’s use of the “too sweet” hand gesture has been quite controversial over the years, as the members of the group wear their influences on their sleeves. But according to Bischoff, the group works because they have great chemistry together.

“I’d like to know the first time you saw that too sweet sign on a regular basis? I know they (Hall and Nash) probably did it once or twice as code and like sign language to each other back in The Kliq days as they were breaking but that sign and throwing that sign of too sweet was all apart of the nWo. It became something that DX did and now its become something that the Bullet Club is doing but again, I think that the reason the nWo worked and to a degree that DX worked and the reason that the Bullet Club is working is because of the chemistry. If you took a bunch of guys that didn’t have the right vibe and didn’t have it or couldn’t deliver in the ring and just didn’t have that really unique attitude and they were doing the same things that the Bullet Club is now doing would not work.”