enzo amore

WWE quickly dropped Enzo Amore earlier this year after he was accused of sexual assault, and since then he’s been staying quiet.

But Enzo recently broke his silence after it was revealed that the case had been closed due to insufficient evidence.

On Monday, Amore released a new music video for his song “Phoenix” in which he responded to his accuser.

Later that day, Enzo Amore made his way to Times Square in New York City to meet up with his fans, and he also participated in an impromptu interview.

During the interview Enzo revealed that he’s been writing scripts, and also teased that more music is on the way.

“I’ve been working with a lot of people out in Hollywood on writing scripts, screenplays, directing, producing and making music man – on the low. I’ve been in Kanye’s studio out in L.A. and I’m about to drop a ton of content on the world.”

When asked about a possible return to WWE, Enzo thanked the fans who supported him and helped him make a name for himself in the wrestling business, but he said that he’s only one man and it’s not up to him.