You never know what can happen when you buy a ticket to see a WWE house show. The fans in Regina Saskatchewan knew they were in for a great time when WWE’s Red Team came to town. But along with Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, and others, these fans also got to witness Enzo Amore cut a promo before his match with Kalisto that probably wasn’t in the script.

Before his losing effort against the new Cruiserweight Champion, Enzo grabbed the microphone and said: “I took care of Cass, then made Neville quit. You’re nothing!”

After that comment, Kalisto came down and promptly defeated the Smack Talker Skywalker. Fans in attendance said Enzo had quite a bit of heat on him from the live crowd but if the WWE office has handed down word to Superstars telling them not to mention Neville then Enzo might be in even more heat backstage.

Although Dave Meltzer reported in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter his sources are telling him Neville is 100% gone from WWE, Vince McMahon and Company are no-selling the situation for now.

However, that won’t keep others from commenting on the situation on social media and apparently, Enzo Amore isn’t going to hold back on the microphone at live shows either.

This might have been a slip of the tongue. After all, Enzo has been known to pop off at the mouth without thinking. But this kind of slip-up might be the first sign that an official announcement from WWE regarding Neville could be on the way soon enough.

Neville will be missed in WWE, let alone 205 Live if he’s really gone. He was once the King Of The Cruiserweights but it appears he might have given up his crown. If what Enzo said is any indication of things it looks like he’s mighty proud of running Neville off as well.

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  1. Someone needs to shoot hardcore on this pathetic excuse of a “wrestler.” Maybe then he’ll finally shut up.

      • I wouldn’t actually want anyone to do it. I just typed that when I was really mad. Scare some sense into him maybe, but not beat him. I’ve read about the consequences of shooting does to a reputation.

  2. I can’t believe are buying into this BS. WWE booked Neville to “being fired”, so they could bring in Kalisto in and win the Crusierweight title, on Eddie Guerrero’s birthday. And that’s “what’s real”.