enzo amore

Enzo Amore was suspended by WWE yesterday after it was revealed that he had been named in a sexual assault allegation that was made back in October. The current Cruiserweight Champion hasn’t yet commented on these reports, but it seems that the company has made the decision today to cut ties with their Champion since his release was confirmed on WWE’s official website a few minutes ago.

Enzo has had a career that was filled with bad publicity from his addiction to strip clubs and break up with SmackDown superstar Liv Morgan, to his backstage heat with almost everyone which forced him to be moved over to the 205 Live brand in the first place.

The company released the statement yesterday where they reiterated their zero-tolerance policy when it comes to any allegations of this kind, even though no more details of the case have been released publicly, his departure from the company so quickly after his suspension yesterday seems to have painted a picture of its own.

Amore was set to defend the Cruiserweight Championship at the Royal Rumble on Sunday night, but it seems that the title will now be vacated and there could be another match on the card in its place to represent the 2015 Live brand.