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Enzo Amore is quite an interesting fellow. He lives that part in and out of the ring and Enzo means it for real when saying he’s got the sauce. Now it looks like there’s someone else who might want Enzo’s sauce and that’s Nia Jax.

In a rather seductive moment, Nia Jax approached Enzo Amore on Raw this week while he was hyping up his Zo Train stable of 205 Live heels. I guess if you’re a heel on 205 Live that automatically means you’re on the Zo Train now, neat.

Drew Gulak would come out on top during the match later on so this motivational speech might have just worked. Enzo is quite a speaker, after all, they don’t call him the Smack Talker Skywalker for nothing.

But it was after Enzo’s backstage hype session that really caught our attention when Enzo Amore turned around and saw Nia Jax standing there looking at him like he was a piece of meat. Nia Jax took a beat before looking Enzo up and down and simply said, “how you doing?” Then The Girl Who’s Not Like Most Girls just walked off.

Let’s be honest here, this couple would be awesome to see and although people have mentioned Jax and Braun Strowman reproducing together to form the world’s most powerful human being ever, just imagine what kind of energetic Samoans Enzo and Jax would make?

It’s rather entertaining to consider and Enzo Amore is taking it in stride. In a very simple social media post, Enzo Amore simply alluded to the fact that Nia Jax isn’t the only girl calling his number. He might call the WWE Cruiserweight Championship his “boo” but there are plenty of other girls he could call on apparently.

Now the only question is if Enzo would ever find himself calling Jax’s number? How you doing?

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