enzo amore

On Sunday night, Survivor Series aired live on the WWE Network and the pay-per-view delivered in regards to the in-ring action. But there was also plenty of action outside the ring as well.

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore was sitting at ringside, and he remained under the radar while wearing a hoodie and a wig.

However, Enzo decided to blow his cover by drawing attention to himself when he stood on a chair and tried to start a chant, but security quickly took him down.

According to PWInsider, security came from all areas of the arena to remove Amore, and he was ejected via an exit door backstage, but he had no contact with anyone from WWE during the 10 seconds he was backstage.

It’s also being said that pretty much everyone within the company was down on the stunt Enzo pulled and some wrestlers were angry about it.

A young woman was reportedly injured during the incident and removed via stretcher after hurting her arm, but she eventually returned to her seat.