In 2017, WWE made some big changes to the cruiserweight division when they made Enzo Amore the champion and the main star of 205 Live.

Neville was at one point the King of the Cruiserweights, but shortly after his feud with Enzo Amore began he decided to part ways with WWE, and he recently confirmed that he didn’t like the way he was being booked.

As for his rumored issues with Enzo, Neville addressed the situation in an Instagram Q&A and when he was asked how long Enzo would last in a real fight, he said that he doesn’t hate the former champion.

“It wasn’t really Enzo why I left, I don’t hate the lad. He was just annoying backstage and putting the title on him was bad, especially beating me. I was worth more than being jobbed out to jobbers, so that’s why I left.”

Neville parted ways with WWE in October of 2017. Enzo Amore was forced to vacate the Cruiserweight Championship a few months later when he was released from his contract in January of 2018.

Enzo recently resurfaced when he tried to hijack the show at WWE Survivor Series, but Neville doesn’t seem to have any interest in attending WWE events nowadays.