enzo amore

The Raw brand has been trekking through Germany for the past couple of days bringing their show to the land of Oktoberfest. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady have been along for the ride butting heads with Rusev and Jinder Mahal on the tour.

The naturally over babyfaces have started the show to a packed house screaming along with their every word. Even if it’s among some of the few phrases they know in English, these German fans love The Realest Guys in the Room with great vigor.

Enzo is known for his flamboyant dress and fresh footwear, so one of his many German fans decided to donate to Amore’s collection. The fan isn’t shown giving the shoes to Enzo, so you can jump off with the conspiracy theories that this is a staged PR stunt to show how over Enzo and Cass are when their popularity seems to have peaked.

Regardless of the truth, or intent, these are still really cool shoes. It would stand to reason that the thoughtful present actually did come from a fan because they also included two German flags along with Enzo’s sick new customized German Jordan 1’s. After all, Enzo and Cass have been insanely over on this tour, the German fans usually go with the traditional heel and face dynamic given to them, besides, they even cheer resoundingly for Roman Reigns in Deutschland.

Enzo loved the shoes so much he wore them to the ring that night. He told Sam Roberts on his podcast that he’s usually one-and-done in the ring with his Jordan 1’s.

Sick kicks, Enzo.