WWE has very strict policies in place if a Superstar is charged with violent offenses while under contract with the company. Like in Rich Swann’s recent situation, he was indefinitely suspended as soon as the news broke about an alleged assault on his wife. It should be noted that all charges against Swann have been dropped at this point, but it still provides a clear picture regarding WWE’s procedure regarding this kind of matter.

But WWE might not use the same discretion regarding their enhancement talent. At Thursday’s NXT television tapings, Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler debuted as a new tag team called The Forgotten Sons where they defeated two unknown workers in the ring. But as it turns out, one of the men that Blake and Cutler defeated might not have the kind of past WWE would prefer to have highlighted on their television product.

The Daily Ridge reports Curtis Lee Gibson, who was one of The Forgotten Sons’ enhancement talents was charged in July 2017 with aggravated assault and battery. The alleged assault occurred between Gibson and his girlfriend who have been together for four years and also have 4 children together.

This unfortunate incident apparently occurred after a verbal argument escalated into a physical confrontation. According to reports, Gibson twisted his girlfriend’s arm around her back in an attempt to restrain her while she grabbed a coat hanger to use as a weapon against him in order to escape as he continued punching her.

Everything reportedly came to a climax as she grabbed a pair of nail clippers to defend herself and he got ahold of a pocketknife, pinned her down and put the weapon against her neck while he said,  “I should stick you right now,” and “do you know what I can do to you right now?”

Curtis Lee Gibson is a maintenance worker for the school system for Polk County, Florida schools and is also on the city’s governing board.

Since Gibson wasn’t under WWE contract a thorough background check might not have been done. But in the future, NXT might need to pay closer attention to who they bring in for television tapings.

It is important to note that Gibson has pleaded not guilty and those charges are still pending in Circuit Court so he’s innocent until proven guilty.

Last August, Gibson issued the following statement to the media regarding the situation where he said, “Mr. Mayor, commissioners, city staff and people of Lake Wales. I am very sorry that my personal life has come under public scrutiny. On the advice of my attorney, I can’t discuss the specifics of Sunday’s incident except to say the allegations against me are false and we will mount a zealous defense. I ask that you not pre-judge me and remember I am innocent until proven guilty. I fully expect to be exonerated of all charges.”

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