WWE Hall of Famer Edge recently spoke with Joshua Caudill of Crave Online to promote his new movie “Interrogation” and more. You can check out the full interview here along with some highlights below.

The Edge & Christian Show Possibly Returning For Season 2: Yeah, it’s really just a matter of timing, honestly. Now that I’m filming Vikings it’s going to be a lot more difficult to squeeze it in and the only thing that Jay [Christian] and I want to do with a second season is have it all written beforehand because a lot of this was writing as we went because of the time constraints. Initially, we were told we would have a pilot episode and one week to film it to flesh out what the show was and get on board with the other producers. Then we got up there and they needed three episodes in three days [laughs].

One thing he can’t believe he got away with in his WWE career: Probably diving into the flaming table. It was my idea, stupidly and of course, I knew Mick [Foley] would be in because he’s just as stupid as I am. I didn’t think everybody else would sign off on that [laughs] but when everyone did, I was surprised. To pull it off with only a few burns and some burnt hair [laughs] is one where I’m like ‘How did we pull that off?’ How did it get through all of the levels that it had to? The margin for error in that was so miniscule.

Why he signed on to star in Interrogation: I had an offer to do a TV show that was being filmed in South Africa and I read the script and I was kind of up in the air about it. Then Hunter [Triple H] called me and said ‘Oh, man. We got this script we want you to look at.’ They sent it to me and I read it and I was like ‘Okay, I’m in’ because this guy is way more interesting than the other guy I had been offered.

A month later, I’m up in Vancouver and in three days, I’m learning three months worth of fight scenes and jumping head first in and we filmed the movie in 11 days. We were doing a fight scene and an interrogation all in the same day so you had to go from this sweaty, close in tight fight scene to the next scene and do a 16-minute take on an interrogation. You had to put on a lot of hats throughout the day. It was great but at the end of the 11 days, I was exhausted [laughs].