Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor have been in a battle that’s lasted for a long time at this point. They’ve been throwing jabs at each other all summer and it’s going to come to a boiling point in Brooklyn.

On the go-home show to The Biggest Party Of The Summer, Bray Wyatt pulled another trick out of his bag of creepiness when he brought back an old wrestling classic: the Blood Bath… well it looked like blood but Michael Cole described it as an “acidic liquid.”

Nevertheless, a lot of people saw the similarities between what Bray pulled off to awaken The Demon in Finn Balor and what the Brood used to do to their foes. Edge and Christian brought up this fact on a recent episode of their E & C Pod Of Awesomeness where they didn’t act like they minded it at all. In fact, they thought it was kind of cool.

“This week Bray Wyatt did a version of the Brood Bath on Raw,” Edge said. “We got quite a few responses and questions and queries about how we felt about it. And my take is nothing’s original because we got it from the Blade movie.”

“I think it’s — here’s why I think it’s awesome because it makes people go, ‘ah man the Brood used to do that!’ Visually it’s a different version and visual, and visually it’s a nice little tool to be able to use. I always looks at things like that like — ‘that’s a tip of the hat, thanks man that’s cool.'”

Christian said: “I ain’t mad at cha. I think it’s a good little homage so to speak and I think they did it in a way where it’s not the exact same thing and it’s been long enough since we’ve done it that it’s fresh and it’s probably a whole audience of people who have never even seen it or even know what it is.”

Edge wrapped it up by explaining: “Bray’s character — I mean it’s part Waylon Mercy it’s part our buddy Nick, it’s part Jake The Snake it’s now part Brood — it’s part Robert De Niro in Cape Fear which is where Dan Spivy [who played Waylon Mercy] got it from initially. So there’s nothing — you always take little bits and pieces of things that work that you think are cool — even if it was his idea, who knows? But I thought it was cool.”

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