Saturday night was a big night for former Impact Wrestling World Champion EC3, as he finally returned to WWE for the first time since he was released in 2013.

EC3 became one of the top stars in Impact Wrestling following his release, but he finished up with the company a few weeks ago, and now that he’s back with WWE, the former Impact star told ESPN that he feels redeemed.

“The moment was vindication. The moment was resolution,” said EC3. “I feel redeemed.”

Despite the fact that he was released from his WWE contract five years ago, EC3 noted that he never doubted he would be return to the company someday.

“It’s only been 1,714 days since the last time I stepped foot in the WWE — but who’s counting,” EC3 said. “With each day that has passed, I’ve had one goal in mind — and that was to be here, in this moment at this time for one purpose. Never once, without a shadow of a doubt, did I ever not believe in myself — believe that I would come back. I came back with vigor and determination. I came back on a mission.”

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