earl hebner

Earl Hebner is a TNA Hall of Famer, but he’s not a WWE Hall of Famer. Earl has had quite the career with Impact Wrestling, but for many years he was WWE’s most recognizable referee.

In 2005 Earl Hebner was fired from WWE for selling WWE merchandise without permission, and during a recent interview with the Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling he sad he doesn’t think he’ll ever be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

“It an honor and since I’ll probably never go into the WWE Hall of Fame because we still have problems down the road and it doesn’t really matter to me whether I do or I don’t, anybody that knows me will know who I am. If Vince doesn’t ever want to induct me into it that is fine. I really think I should be but the problems that we still have, it is what it is. If I never get in there that is fine and it is no problem to me but people know who I am and I’ll let it be my legend of being a Hebner and I’ll just base it on that.”

Earl Hebner got to act as the referee for some of WWE’s most iconic matches, and he was also involved in the infamous Montreal Screwjob. Hebner was the man who called for the bell to end the match, but he says Vince McMahon is truly the one who screwed Bret.

“Whenever I’m around Bret I don’t bring them and truthfully Vince screwed Bret. Earl didn’t screw Bret, Vince screwed Bret. Earl did what he had to do. It was his (Vince’s) command and that is what happened but I think most Americans understand but I don’t think any Canadians will ever forgive me but I hope that they do. If you look at my track record, I’ve been put in a lot of tough spots in my career. Where other referees would not volunteer, Vince knew what I would do and whatever his demands were is what I did. So you can’t put the blame on me, you’ve got to put it on him.”