It seems like injuries are popping up all the time in WWE nowadays but in reality, this has always been the case. After all, with all the punishment these people put themselves through in the ring, it’s easy to see how so many different things can go wrong.

Drew McIntyre was a pretty great NXT Champion while it lasted. His loss at NXT TakeOver: WarGames might have been a pretty big setback, but his apparent left arm injury was probably even worse.

Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that “McIntyre’s loss felt like it was a step to move him to the main roster.” But with this recent injury, it doesn’t look like the former NXT Champion will be locking up in the ring for a couple months at least.

In a social media update, the former Chosen One commented about his injury. He’s not letting it get to him though because he noted that he seems to always come through from an injury looking even stronger. But only time will tell how he’ll be able to regroup and return.

Hopefully, McIntyre will get another good look for a main roster call-up because the guy is really good, looks like a true superstar in the ring, and can entertain with the best of them. But this injury certainly seemed to change some very important plans for Drew McIntyre’s future.

But then again, with Drew throwing out a threat to whoever is holding the NXT Title title in 2018, it looks like his plans are to remain in NXT for the present time. Let’s just hope he can get past this injury and get back to business as usual.